Jessica Haywood

Certified Massage Therapist

Jessica Haywood is a certified massage therapist with an interest in helping people. She has found massage therapy to be the perfect medium in which she can exercise that passion. While doing some soul-searching in Hawai’i, she decided to study at Golden Lotus Massage School on Kaua’i. While there, she learned many different styles of massage, including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Swedish, Reflexology, and Structural Integration. She also learned about cellular structure and how massage can help release accumulated pain/stress/trauma that is stored within cells. As she moves through a massage, she stays present with her client so that she can ‘listen’ to their body and find what it needs the most. Her main goal is for her client to leave the massage feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and able to flow through the day with comfort and ease

Jessica creates balance in her life by spending quality time with her love, Andrew, and their two dogs, Karma and Sugar Momma. She goes out in nature every day to feel grounded, and she finds her center by practicing yoga at “A Work In Progress Yoga Studio.” She loves learning new things; especially those centered around the healing arts, and she believes in the power of nutrition because it has positively impacted her life.

To schedule an appointment with Jessica, call or text (785) 404-7393.